Children's candle-making party (8 to 12 years)

A wonderful opportunity to make hand-poured fragranced candles using individual melters, adding dyes and fragrance oils. As the candles are setting, each child decorates candle holders and packaging with paint, glitter and pretty gems. Children take home a party bag filled with all the lovely candles they have made!

  • Party run by a “Chandler” (a professional candle-maker)
  • "It's all about candles" - how they work and a game of “guess the fragrance!”
  • Using individual melters children make their very own candles adding colour dyes, fragrance oils and wicks to make two different candles:
    • Heart Tin
    • Three tealight candles
  • While the candles are setting they paint wooden tealight holders: a choice between hearts, cupcakes, butterflies, snowflakes, leaves, spiders, crowns ...and many more
  • Decorate a paper party bag with brightly coloured pens 
  • Finish the candles off with pretty packaging using organza bags and gems (for boys we have sport-themed stickers, animals and much more)!
  • At the end of the party each child takes home a party bag filled with all the lovely candles they have made!


Length: 1.5 to 2 hours


Up to 10 children - £210, thereafter £15 per additional child

Minimum no. of people: 1

Maximum no. of people: 20

Location: Currently 15 mile radius of Marlow, we will be offering offer other locations shortly

Child takes home

Decorated party bag,

Heart tin candle in an organza bag,

3 tealight candles,

Painted wooden tealight holder.